Free Citizens (Online)


Welcome to Colonia Libertad

Thee Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colonia Libertad is now able to grant you Ciudadanía Libre via an on-line application.

Four simple steps:

  1. Fill out your CiudaníaLibre application.
  2. Upload a photo of your self or of what defines you as a citizen
  3. Send us via mail us your old passport. Your passport will become part of the archive of CiudadaníaLibre. Your passport will be stamped and framed. It will travel with the archival material to the different exhibitions held of CiudadaníaLibre (by no reason your passport will be sold or exchanged individually, it will be part of the infinite archive, and, unless the archive is acquired by a museum in its entirety It will be under  Colonia Libertad’s consulate possession).
  4. You will receive yourPasaporte Libre. The acquisition of Pasaporte Libre certifies you as a citizen of Colonia Libertad and guarantees you free movement along the earth’s land, sea, or aerospace as you require.

Pasaporte Libre is infinite.

Frequently asked questions

1) If I am granted Ciudadanía Libre, does my children automatically become Libre Citizens? Yes, unless you prefer the contrary. In that case, you will have to explain to your children the reasons for your decision and bear full responsibility of the nationality for which you children will, for their life time, submit to.

2) Is there going to be a immigration reform? Yes, constantly, in Colonia Libertad we believe nationality should be an ever reforming, fluid state of transit (be it flourishing of languishing) a state of perpetual conflict and an elusive state of citizenship.

3) Does Ciudadanía Libre grants me all civil rights? Yes and no, depending on the area of the world in which you are living. Ciudadanía Libre will respect and validate you civil rights even if we in Colonia Libertad think you are wrong, but since we lack actual military power we can’t enforce your local government to act according to our Libertad Laws.

4) What are the benefits of Ciudadanía Libre?
None. We function within a political structure of no gains, no benefits, no political advancements. In Colonia Libertad we believe in horizontal and vertical movement across race, culture gender, disabilities, time and space. We are reluctant to acknowledge any activity as either a benefit or a disadvantage.

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