The online consulate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colonia Libertad  is now able to grant you Ciudadanía Libre.

Four simple steps:
Fill out your CiudaníaLibre application.

2. Load the image of your choice, preferably a picture of you, but any images that enables your identification will be accepted.

3. Send us your real passport (expired or not). Your passport will become part of the archive of CiudadaníaLibre. Your passport will be stamped and a picture of it will be archived and displayed on this page. The real passport will be framed and will travel with the archival material to the different exhibitions held of CiudadaníaLibre (by no reason your passport will be sold or exchanged, it will be part of the infinite archive).

4. You will receive your Pasaporte Libre by mail. The acquisition of Pasaporte Libre certifies you as a citizen of Colonia Libertad and guarantees you free movement along the earth’s land, sea, or aerospace as you require.

Pasaporte Libre is infinite.