Lady Libertad V2

Lady Libertad V2 is a public art project that aims to create a dynamic of analysis, practice and appreciation of Colonia Libertad and it’s specific characteristics: it’s geopolitical importance, demographics, cultural diversity and many others, that arise from the strategic location, and are pretended to be discussed collectively as a community inside the structure / pyramid / agora.

The pyramid/agora was constructed at Don Marcos Iron Works Calle 10 # 870 Colonia Libertad Tijuana B.C. México by his son Omar, el Laguana, el Chino and René; all residents (at the time) of the neighborhood with the support of the UCIRA research grant. the inflatable was manufactured by Inflate co, inc. Palm Deset Ca.

The piece draws from a 1882 sketch of the pedestal by Frédéric Auguste Bartoldi that conceptualized American democracy in close relation with the pre-Columbian cultures.


Our Lady Libertad V2 1009.
Size: 15’x15’x25’