Coyote Project: Ausencia

Estación Tijuana travels to Medellín to learn from its urban regeneration processes; to learn from the position and agency granted its citizens and their possibilities of participating in the creation of the city.

The project was part of Encuentro Internacional de Medellín MDE11: Enseñar y aprender. Lugares del conocimiento en el arte


In collaboration with Gabriela Torres.

The project examines Medellín’s cultural tourism, focusing on the persona of the Elí Ramírez an infamous Poet from el barrio de Castilla. His poetics, highly influenced by his neighborhood attracted our attention. Gabriela Torres and I began a 4 day hunt for a personal interview that never happened, a days hunt for his books all over Medellín’s bookstors and finally the library archive. We created Golosinas de sal, (a title from one of Elí’s books) a textual interpretation of the local empandas. A hand crafted book and a wall ensemble of photocopies from the archival material of Elí presence/absence from Medellín’s cultural scene.