Consulado Movil / Mobile Consulate

/Free Citizenship/

Mobile Consulate is a participatory action art piece that emulates the bureaucratic practice of acquiring your passport.

see video.

The Libre Consulate is installed for you to interchange your current passport for the Libre passport.
Your current passport gets framed and becomes part of the Libre Citizens Archive.
The Libre passports is created in situ, your photograph and your finger print are required for the process.

Mobile Consulate has been shown at:

Biennale Internationale de Casablanca Moroco. 2016

Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) 2016

MARCAS Gallery, Santa Ana, CA. 2015

City Gallery, San Diego City College 2015

SDAI (San Diego Art institute). San Diego/2015.

IHi Instant HERLEV institute art & site research. Herlev Denmark/2014.

The Collaborative/Museum of Latin American Art. Long Beach Ca/2013

MACLA. San Jose Ca/2013.

206 Tijuana/2012.