Collapsing Liberty


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Collapsing Liberty aims to generate a visual representation of deportation by tracing a relationship between political iconography and human displacement. The piece expands from Welcome to Colonia Libertad, an extended project that examines one of Tijuana’s oldest neighborhoods and it’s long historical relationship with migration since its foundation in 1929, and it’s rapid occupation by repatriated Mexicans from the great depression of the 1930’s. The piece collapses and inflates. Each collapse represents 10,000 deportees, each hour correlates to a specific year in the presidential term of Barak Obama.

Collapsing Liberty

A 5 hour simulation performance

1 hour=1 year

1 collapse= 10,000 deportees

hourly collapses= total yearly deportees


In 2011, 386,020 total deportees
roughly 10,000 people deported every 10 days
represented as one collapse every 94 seconds.