Pasaporte Libre

/Free Citizenship/

Ciudadanía Libre

A project born form Welcome to Colonia Libertad.

The community based project, grew into the creation of a space of free transit.

Unlike Agamben’s state of exception, in which “a suspension of the whole juridical order itself… marks it for the limits, the threshold of the juridical order.” Ciudadanía Libre grants you the protection from all theories and practices related to the delimitations of ones foot steps.

The project is divided in 3 phases.

The application, the exchange and the acquisition.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colonia Libertad by means of its mobile consulate travels around the world accepting applications. (Our online application is soon to be activated)

The acquisition of Pasaporte Libre grants you Colonia Libertad’s citizenship and guarantees the free movement along the entire earth’s surface, marine or aerospace

if so require.

This passport is infinite.

The acquisition process requires the exchange of your expired passport that will become part of the Archive of Ciudadanía Libre part of which will be on display during all events. If lacking expired passport, the Pasaporte Libre can be purchased. (other identifications might be accepted)